Coaching and Consulting

I offer coaching services to people in need of a listening ear, psychological insight into their life, for discussing difficult questions about life itself, and for applying the teachings of Orthodox Christian spirituality in everyday life. I have a 4 year Psychology degree from Multnomah University and have experience offering psychological, spiritual, and existential counsel. I also have a blessing from my priest.

My services as a life coach are broad and I often do research and therapy on a case-by-case basis, and my clients generally appreciate this open-ended approach. I work with people of all different worldviews, but I often tap into the therapeutic counsels of early Christian Church Fathers and modern Eastern Orthodox Elders, especially where their spiritual wisdom synthesizes with psychological research of today. Some of my clients go to a licensed counselor of some kind, and then come to me as a supplement, to help them view their therapy through a Christian lens and to develop a complimenting prayer life.

People come to me because my services are holistic, covering everything from patristic spirituality, to clinical psychology, to nutrition, to relationships, and more. They appreciate that I am flexible, that we can meet multiple times a week, once a week, for different lengths of time or simply as requested. We can meet over phone, video, or even just email. My prices are substantially less than the average licensed therapist, but my clients have noted that they find my holistic approach is often far more helpful. I also am not afraid to tell my clients that they would be better off with another therapist, such as someone who specializes in their specific needs.

If you want to see some of the most basic ideas of my therapy practice, this video is a great place to start. A lot of people (including myself) have been told that their issues flow from a lack of faith in God, but end up feeling a lot more discouraged in the end. I think we can dive a bit deeper and find some real healing and peace.

This is not licensed counseling and there is no guarantee of confidentiality, but I have no intention of sharing what you say with anyone and any conversation will certainly be a safe and judgment-free space. Feel free to schedule a single session and then decide if you’d like to continue, as there are no commitments required.

Spiritual Topics

  • How do we live out the spiritual disciplines of Christianity in everyday life? Is it just rules to follow?
    • With a focus on early Christian spirituality, we can talk about what real, practical influence Christian disciplines like fasting and “taking every thought captive” have in our lives. Many people struggle with invasive thoughts, difficult people, and confusing suffering in their life. The Church Fathers offer good answers and genuinely helpful strategies that draw us into genuine Christian peace and healing of many mental struggles.
  • How can I be a good person or a decent Christian when I keep making so many mistakes? I want to be different but I feel like I never change.
    • It’s important to understand what it is that truly keeps us from God, and how He is simultaneously just and merciful at the same time. God allows these struggles for a reason, and is not interested in condemning us, but is interested in out healing. I myself have wrestled with these types of fears myself and so I approach it with empathy and compassion. It’s important to me to not simply try and “fix” your problems to but genuinely listen and understand.
  • How do I deal with difficult people in my life?
    • People can be a huge blessing in our lives, but also cause a lot of difficulties, from friends to parents to spouses. It’s key to see what role people play both as a blessing and, sometimes, as a codependent “idol.” God allows the difficulties from people for a reason, and seeing what this reason is and how to make the most of it can heal us and our relationships.

Psychological Topics

  • Why am I so different from everyone else?
    • Explore your unique identity in the world, how you stand out as a human being, and how to best use your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Personality types are a great place to start.
  • Why do I do what I do?
    • Understanding the influences that have shaped your past and how to heal and move forward for the future. Past difficulties with family and friends can leave deep wounds, but there is hope for healing.
  • Other topics include:
    • gender dysphoria, dreams, physical touch, insecurities, political psychology, art, etc.

Philosophical/Theological Topics

  • What is reality and why do we exist?
    • There are many difficult questions about reality that get swept under the rug or dismissed with easy answers. Let’s talk about how we can approach and understand the world and all its beauty.
  • Why am I suffering?
    • This is one of the toughest questions there is, but I believe there is hope amidst the darkness, both for ourselves and everyone else. It’s definitely not because God is punishing you; instead, you might be surprized to learn it’s often exactly he opposite situation.
  • Is there a God or gods and what is It/He/She like?
    • While I have my own opinions about the subject, I value offering people open-ended conversations and explorations of ideas about if there is a guiding force or being in the universe. Many people come to me as an open person to explore these questions with.
  • Other topics include:
    • world religions, Christian history, Eastern thought, the place of logic/reason, and really anything that might come up.


I work a sliding scale of $40-60 per hour (need-based), and session times and durations can be flexible. Most clients meet weekly for 50 minutes, while others contact me when they need a single session to talk. (Some clients keep a list of questions to ask me the next time we meet.) I do discounted rates and “pro bono” work, too. You can pay via PayPal or Venmo or even contribute regularly through my Patreon.


I’m open to any way you want to converse. If you’re in my area (Spokane, WA) then we can grab coffee at a local coffee shop. We can also do a phone call or audio/video call on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, or Discord. You are also welcome to talk with me simply through my email, Facebook Messenger, or texting. Head over to the Contact page and send me an email!


I’ve been taking counselling sessions with Thaddeus for half a year now, and the help he’s offered is life-changing. After each meeting I find myself calmer yet invigorated to tackle life’s challenges, and I always take home a big plate of fruitful food-for-thought. In my particular case, I’m an Orthodox catechumen who faces the difficulty of religious services and community being far away. Thaddeus has offered a solid bridge between the online and real worlds. I highly recommend making an appointment with him: given the abundance of topics he covers, his coaching is sure to be made-to-fit for whatever needs may arise. You won’t regret clicking the “Contact” tab.


Amongst dealing with trauma and OCD, I’ve struggled a lot with how to carry myself and how to think about the most basic questions of life: why was I put here, how can I make sense of the world, and how do I navigate it rationally and spiritually. I’ve often found myself refusing to look at the bright side of things, and dwelling on the negative aspects of my life. Shea has been a great source of positivity, and not obnoxiously, but in a “ok that was actually great to hear” kind of way. I’ve always felt at peace and motivated after our talks, and I think a lot of people could benefit from talking to him.


As a storyteller and a work in progress, I see that Shea has wrestled with many dragons and giants in his life and overcome them. He loves to hear people’s different experiences and he treats life like an adventure full of struggles and revelations. He has been a mentor in my adventure and has walked with me through overcoming insecurities, resolving anger, improving relationships, and diving deep into the spiritual life.


Sometimes the best therapy is just being able to talk to someone who is kind, gentle, and understands. Shea is that person, and in addition to the comfort he himself provides he really knows what he’s talking about and how to give advice that’s applicable and makes SENSE. I was in a very not good place after a traumatic incident that caused me to feel disconnected from reality, and the real and raw conversations that Shea and I were able to have helped bring me back.


As Youth Pastors we have consulted Shea time and time again and found him to be an incredible source of knowledge and insight. His heart for the lost and hurting, coupled with his understanding of the mind, has made him an invaluable resource for dealing with different mental health issues, lovingly maneuvering the LGBTQ+ community, and addressing unfamiliar and sensitive movements of our day. Every time we go to him for consultation we leave challenged, but in such a way that pushes us to grow and to love others better. Whether you’re working through something personal, or walking alongside someone else who is, we highly recommend reaching out to this incredible man.

Aaron & Mattie